Many Thanks To All Who Attended The Historic Battle of Mudsock & Trial of Hamp West

Here are some unedited photos and a video from the venue. Enjoy!






On Saturday, November 19, 1881, in the town of Fishers, IN (then known as Fishers Station) a rowdy, cantankerous character by the name of Hampton “Hamp” West (he was also a grave robber) started a ruckus that culminated in a notorious battle that took place right here in Fishers. Commotion and mayhem ensued until it snowballed into an explosion of violence that left one person dead, 32 injured, and caused the destruction of two buildings.

So infamous was the occurrence that it made national headlines and put Fishers, IN, on the map.

Brass knuckles, pool cues and fists will be flying – not to mention a few gunshots (assimilated, of course) onSeptember 8, 2019, at The Historic Ambassador House & Heritage Gardens. This is a once in a lifetime chance to see the BATTLE OF MUDSOCK & The Trial of Hamp West reenacted by the Fishers Police and the Nickel Plate Players. 



The Historic Ambassador House
The Fishers Police Foundation 

Director:  Ashton Wolf
Producer:  The Historic Ambassador House / Nickel Plate Players
Created by:  Marj Sparks
Written by:  Robert Bowling, Fishers Police Officer
Narrated by:  David Heighway, Hamilton County Historian
Who:  Ambassador House and Nickel Plate Players
What:  BATTLE OF MUDSOCK & The Trial of Hamp West
Where:  Ambassador House (10595 Eller Road, Fishers, IN 46038)